Friday, October 28, 2011

My Angel

My darling Brylee I loved you even before you where born.  I loved that we met and the short time we spent together has filled my heart memories of you.  I am forever greatful to have known you and now  to have you forever in my heart.
I know that God needed you more with him ..although we will miss you here are now our eternal life and the hope that we need for our lives down here....until we meet again, my heart beats for you and when it stops I will be with you once again.

Your sacrifice has to be for the lives of others and through you, we live.
For our lives are for ever changed by your short time on earth, your spirit and grace.  Beautiful Brylee loved by all an angel to do Gods work for you are perfect with a perfect soul for this you where chosen ...we are saddened that you have gone and the pain of our selfish ways but then we stop and  think of you,  and the job you must do. Our pride and love for you will take our pain guardan Angel for so many lives you have and will where born and taken so that others may live..and as with the Lord.
I will always hold you close within my heart for the hope you give to me.
The hope and knowledge of your short sweet life was really meant to be.
For you life a higher purpose in life is was really was meant to be.
For your work on earth is done is what God said to me.
I have her place and It is her time to be with me.
So in God I trust to take care of thee.

 Brylee bear  you are so loved  Grandma


Loz ♥ said...

♥ my heart goes out to you and yours Bron ♥

Cheryl said...

So very sorry for your loss Bron, I will be thinking of you and your family at this very difficult time.

Sylvia Zet said...

I am so sorry Bronlyn, so sad to read what has happened....My thoughts are with you....

JenniferD said...

Sometimes this world does things that just do not seem fair.We are are Thinking of you and your Family. The Dix's

Bernadette said...

Shocking news today and all your family are in our prayers. You introduced your grandchildren to us in your blog, so we know the blessings they are. But with the loss of this little girl, there are no words. Sorry to prattle on when silence seems more appropriate. Go gently,