Monday, May 9, 2011

Australian Magnolia Stamp Club

From May you can get Magnolia stamps in a set as soon as they are released from Sweden. Next collection is Sweet Rainbow collection...and yes some of you do not like this one but guess what you probably won't get it will be a variety.

Your collection will contain 1 of each patterned paper in (total 6) of latest Paper 12 x 12 or elect to receive a paper pad collection 2 of each in the  6 x 6 pads pieces (total 12) three (3) character stamps and One (1) background stamp and (one) smaller stamp text or themed e.g. last month was rabbits or butterflies and the text  You are my best friend.... random selection of all stamps from what I receive in the pre order.

The cost you ask. this is the great news of all  The above pack has a retail value of over $100 for 12x12 paper packs the cost is $65 and $60 for the packs of 6x6 the latest ...Sign up for the club and you may pay off this expense at your own pace by Bpay... a reminder will go out in the last week of balances....and that is when you are about to receive your stamps. People in the club will also have a reduced rate each quarter for the magazine or magazine membership alone.

What is different from the Magnolia stamp club, each stamp is finished and mounted on Ezi mount...ready to use ...also included is paper.
I have three yes I need 3 more commitments please

Please email interest to
Note: this cannot go ahead without your support ...thanks Bron

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