Sunday, May 8, 2011

Storage of Nestabilities

 Practical Storage on the Cheap

 This is a rack next to the table where I keep my die cut machine. The wire rack is shelf from Bunnings/ Costco for $119 is on rollers and have five shelves to move to the height you want.
I have a magnetic bar..knife holder from IKEA  ( $20 i think) with metal over the door hangers from Aldi ($4) and the rings ..a couple of dollars.

 What I like about the rings is they come off easy pick one without taking them all of and stored well in easy view ..just reach and get them and I am messy and never put things away but this is so easy to maintain.
 They also keep there flat shape when hanging look how many I have hanging.
 Now for the dies you cannot hang, A small A5 folder.Office work $4.95, recycled folder from Kaiser $0 like that. Some A4 magnetic paper from Aldi $5 pkt cut down to A5 and placed into the folders then zipped up and place in a rack next to the machine with extra cutting and embossing plates.

Off cuts of Bazzil, A5 folder with die cuts and border cuts and cutting plates at the bottom and plenty of free room on the table.

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Great ideas Bron, thanks for sharing