Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pirate Luca Lalaland stamps

 Hi I love the colouring these stamps there is so much room you can achieve great results on these stamps...For sale $13 at Shopbron...had fun today is so cold outside ...snowing up the hill.

So this is what I call my random style I colour the character first step then pick the background paper...then the theme or extras just pop in my head pretty much the same as my
 If you know me will know this... I hand drew around the pirate greeting ....and the crows nest is my random made embellishments just card stock and Copics ...what else can I say ...and the results... I like it.......there is a happy birthday greeting inside the scroll to match his map.... I suppose I do have a random stye l anyway I will never be accused of Plagiarism ...hugs Bron

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